Instead of lingering in the office for another day, make the conscious choice to quit and do so decisively. 

— Alexander The Author —

The Book

Everyone’s Advice Is Wrong . . . Including Mine is a comedic memoir meets entrepreneurial, inspirational, motivational creation written for entrepreneurs looking to escape the cubicle once and for all.

The book is divided into 2 parts: Part I: Trial And Mostly Error and Part II: Take Control Of Your Vacation.

Part I recounts the story of an incorrigible entrepreneur’s journey from college to law school to business school, to Dubai, to Shanghai (twice), to being transplanted to Michigan only to be fired 80 days after starting at GM, to leave for an off the grid trip to Europe, only to come back to the U.S. to start all over again as a lawyer, professor of law, then . . .

Part II applies all the lessons from Part I by detailing a clever Ten-Step guide where everyone disillusioned with their cubicle can finally break free. The first step of Part II, Enjoy #ThePointsOfLife, is a guide for accumulating the points needed to take that dream trip today. A vacation from the norm is the spark needed to discover that there is a world outside of the office. Armed with a fresh, new attitude it is time to tackle the rest of the steps in order to say goodbye to the cubicle forever.

The book is timely, humorous, intellectual, and practical. There is advanced content, e.g., using a finance model, the CAPM model, to answer the question, “What is happiness?” (see Part I: Step 10: Happily Ever After = Sustainability.). There is also an abundance of funny content detailing how to survive the lulls of the office. (see Part II: Step 2: Make Tuesday Hump Day.) The book demonstrates, by using worldly examples, the importance of travel, mental tenacity, physical toughness, and the necessity of being in it for the long run.

Readers will not only have a good laugh witnessing a scholarly buffoon bumble his way through the entrepreneurial maze, but also peruse a relatable guide on how they can do it themselves, hopefully more efficiently.



Waiting for a better life to show up while our best years pass us by is not an option. 

— Alexander The Author —

The Author

Alexander Bachuwa’s parents emigrated from Iraq to the United States in 1982, the year he was born. As a child, he dreamt of becoming a professional basketball player-a goal he gave up for his parents’ assertion that the real ticket to success in life is higher education. Unconvinced, he still graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in economics. Underpaid, he attended law school at Arizona State University. Unemployed, he later added an MBA to the list of letters behind his name.

Today, he is Alexander Bachuwa, JD, MBA, entrepreneur (a work in progress), world explorer, author…and, by default, blogger. His book serves, among other things, as an autobiography. So if you want to know more, read it.

Book Reviews

  • Anyone, anyone under 40 has to read this book. Alexander does not just give you advice on how to live your life, he has lived it!

    — Nicolas Kyriakakos —
  • Hilarious. Brilliantly written. Satirical in nature, yet, reminds us of what’s really true in most people’s lives. Very insightful piece of work, and very funny given it’s based on the author’s life’s sequence of events.

    — Snehal Sindhvad —
  • Alexander’s book inspires you to break the self-made boundaries and live life to the fullest outside your comfort zone!!

    — Radhika Shihaja —
  • I’ve read a few books similar to this, notably Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Non-Conformity, and this book was my favorite.

    — Caroline Lupini —
  • Whether you’re  eyeing the cubicle warily, have already been slogging in the trenches, or are just looking for a way to survive in retirement, this is a must read.

    — Amazon Review —
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